They have good bones, great hair and are hard-working. Kyle and Brandi get into an argument. The tension between the two worsens when Giraud de Ohoven makes a comment on Gebbia’s son’s name and after Kyle’s comments on Vanderpump’s nipple, Gebbia questions Kyle’s intentions. Giraud de Ohoven is invited by Kyle to attend a lunch with Gebbia, Kyle and Giraud de Ohoven bond but it’s clear that Gebbia is the odd one out after the two rejoice in killing a bee. Carlton pulls out her list of issues about the ladies. Retrieved May 29,

Adrienne Maloof was let go from the series during the reunion from season three, due to her lack of attendance. Commons category link is on Wikidata Commons category link is on Wikidata using P Official website not in Wikidata. However, I do see her going far in life and with her platform she could become an amazing advocate toward individuals with eating disorders. I do not see it On Demand yet. Floshizzle Kim of Queens , Recaps Lisa sits down with Carlton to explain why she departed Puerto Rico early. All of the housewives, excluding Carlton, fly to Puerto Rico.

TV by the Numbers. Kim decides to send her dog away to receive treatment for his behavior. I like your analogy of the dessert missing from Thanksgiving and feeling cheated. Retrieved September 8, Now about tonight being the finale. It consisted of 23 episodes.

Kim of Queens Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: Get Real or Get Going – TrashTalkTV

You are joining us for the finale. The ladies continue their trip activities by golfing, shopping, and possibly getting arrested. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Make sure you tune in so you can enjoy every episode. CMT viewers are probably the houeswives fit in my opinion but I do think it appeals to many different audiences. Is the finale tonight? It is a nightmare is it not? Giraud de Ohoven is invited by Kyle to attend a lunch with Gebbia, Kyle and Giraud de Ohoven bond but it’s clear that Gebbia is the odd one out after the two rejoice in killing a bee.


Floshizzle love your recaps because I at least get to know what is happening on the show seeing we are so behind the times up here. She reveals she is practicing which, but Kyle’s curiosity by asking too many question upset her.

Every time I try it kicks me off. Yolanda and David have a romantic dinner date to celebrate their anniversary.

RHOBH in Palm Springs: Kisses and Pigs

Kyle and Carlton have an altercation. Retrieved May 29, She thinks they are nuts and in this case, I agree. Kim dismisses class and sits down with Hannah to see whats going on. The ladies are stunned after Joyce makes a surprising accusation. She shows Kyle her new tattoo of the pentagram on the back of her neck but is taken aback when Kyle thinks it’s the Jewish star.

She suggests leg warmers and a tutu to make her look pretty for the pageant. I must see the recaps of the missing shows!!! She off to have wanted Hannah to keep it to herself not to protect Hannah, but to keep herself from looking like the perfect mother. She has GOT to quit talking about that damn Barbie business. Meaning she is telling her what she will be doing. A few teenagers walk eeal pigs around on a leash so Allisyn can get a good look at them.

Kim throws a luau for her daughter Kimberly who will be leaving for college at the end of the summer.

This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat Kyle hosts a lunch for her new friends on the chamber of commerce, Gebbia and Giraud de Ohoven, but after she kills a bee she has offended Gebbia.

Vancouver Episodes Season 1 2.

The women begin to question Kyle regarding the infidelity rumors surrounding her husband Mauricio. The ladies are invited to an event at The Beverly Housewivss Hotelwhere they’re together for the first time since Puerto Rico. Glanville and Vanderpump come to the conclusion that they are no longer friends.


Peppermint is clearly the beauty of the bunch, and wins. I wonder if her self-esteem has always been this high.

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There are also recaps in cyber space saying the show aired Uh huh on the date it was scheduled to, but the recaps are just a couple of lines that sum up the episode. Retrieved June 27, Kyle and Lisa plan to host a combined birthday celebration epispde their husbands. Yolanda, Brandi, and Kyle weason to fix things with Lisa. What an emotional episode! They could at least air the finale! Kyle ends up revealing private information to the group.

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They check out the pig who Jo is afraid of. Later at Foster’s home for some painting, Gebbia finds herself in a heated discussion with Giraud de Ohoven over her lack of belief in witch craft. The Curse of Carlton”. Brandi and Yolanda end up confronting Lisa.

Carlton gets questioned about her pentagram tattoo, to which she tells the ladies that she is a practicing Wiccan. Tuesday their new show will air in the Kim of Sfason slot. With the departure of two full-time cast member and three beverl, season four introduced two new full-time cast members, Carlton Gebbia and Joyce Giraud de Ohoven. All the housewives head out to Palm Springs beveroy their yearly bonding trip.

Drama soon ensues with a star from Vanderpump RulesKristen Doute, giving attitude to Vanderpump and being sent home. Recaps Au Revoir Trashies.