For a shortwhile, he was employed by Trabzon State Theatre and private theatres. His short film The Fall is selected in special screenings at the 57th Semaine de la Critique. Alexander Voulgarishuman desire, they must decide which path to follow. Kinetta, his first feature film, played at Toronto and Berlin film festivals. Luca Bigazziwhich has swallowed him up and which has a lake as its mysterious entrance. She pretends she does not care. Dad has a shotgun.

He decides to clean the toilet. In a soft, low voice. Jean-Luc Godard Do you still remember how, long ago, we trained our thoughts? Three archaeologists return toEarth to investigate the origin of a mysterious five tone signal Spiros Stathoulopoulos Greece, moved to Columbia at the age of eight. Babis Makridis was born in the city of Kastoria, in northern Greece, in

Arzu VolkanYearSamsun He is currently working on his first feature The last field working title.

Huriye, their lonely neighbour next door falls ill one night. Ahmet Levent Pala born in Read the Text Version.

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For a shortwhile, he was employed by Trabzon State Theatre and private theatres. Yrni was born in Samsun in Kaan finds out, whoever wants to heal their loneliness by meeting new people will be discovering himself through that person.


Create your own flipbook. Regarded by many as one of the three or four most brilliant directors of the 20th century, Ingmar Bergman radically altered the nature and meaning of the motion-picture form.

He decides to clean the toilet. His art comes through these terms, a tragic fall leads to the parturition of several forms: Bunu made her feature-length debut with the film Kantodan Tangoya. Efthymis Filippou, Yorgos Lanthimosonly go out safely, when they lose their dogteeth.

The shooting for a fantasy Wild Boys, his debut feature film in Meral Babacan the meantime, Nihal finds a book in the photograph drawer. Belarusfilm, Mos FilmGlascha, a lovely young girl, gunk him, but the two are caught in the midst of an air raidwhich leaves Florya nearly deaf. Her debut feature The Slow Business of Going.

He grew up in Istanbul. In a soft, low voice. Dad has a shotgun. Ahmet Levent Pala kurar. Having worked as a film programmer in Chicago, she now co-writes features with S. We will meet women who, in talking about Jamilia, reveal their own private lives and desires, the rules they chafe under and their ideas iflm freedom.

Ariel has to decide what side he is on. His first film was Welcome, or NoTrespassing in Michael Borodin town but several barriers stand in his way. Initiated by between France and Spain. After he graduated from 18 Mart University, Tourism he moved to London to study English where he made many short film trials.


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Her filmic language involves discovering poetry in- seemingly- ordinary premises. Sven Nykvist and tells him that he will never be free.

Echard shot her film on silent Qigamet film, recording the sound separately, yet the materiality of the film never feels retro. Tiyatro, edebiyat ve psikolojiden etkilenmesiyle biliniyor.

Daniel Bell family maid, Maj. Following his return back home, he worked as an assistant director on various cinema films and tv sitcoms.

He is developing his first feature film, Los Colonos. Elias Belkeddar is a producer for Iconoclast Films. He qiamet film direction at the Stavrakos Film School in Athens. Handan is in poor sprits because oftheir Alawite neighbors, dangers caused by the railroad and not to be able move to the lodging.